The core of Patton’s livelihood is consulting, which he has done for 30 years. “Most everything I have learned has been from my clients.” admits Patton.



Patton has a gift for making technical issues understandable for the lay person. Given the universal appeal of nutrition and its persistent mystery and confusion, a little clarity is usually appreciated.


book coverDiscussing the worldwide problem of overweight pets, this comprehensive writing explains how behavior—both of pets and people—is a critical aspect of any proper diet.

Dr Richard Patton has been an animal nutritionist for over three decades. Here you can have some insight into the broad scope of his experience working in 22 foreign countries with numerous different species.

“The fate of animals the world over, whether wild or captive, is in our hands,” says Patton.

“We need to clearly understand our impact on their lives. Wherever possible, we must apply the latest knowledge in the care of our companion animals. This means not only providing the best diet for them, but also clearly understanding the effect on their lives of living with us. With the best of intentions, we sometimes unknowingly compromise their innate behavior, and mistakenly blame nutrition for the problems that result.”

Dr. Richard Patton is a rare blend. An experienced global scientist and field researcher, he translates complex theory into entertaining and practical information. He skillfully uses his expertise with refreshing insight and humor.

-Ivy Ross, CMO,

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